GolfBonk- Golf courses with annotated maps

GolfBonk- Golf courses with annotated mapsIf you like golf you will like this website. If you do not like golf don’t bother.

If you want to impress an attractive golf player, send them a link to It is a program that uses GoogleMaps to visualize golf courses around the world and add annotations about features, points of interest and share them with other golf players. Annotations can be posted directly on the maps in the form of hazards, information and label pins. The information that is already available about the courses has been compiled from numerous sources including directories, course websites, US Geological Name base and weather data from the National Weather Service Digital forecast database. Some of the maps have excellent visuals while others are more basic. Golf clubs can use this website to post competitions, class schedules and other site-specific information. Golf players can use it to plan their strategy, find new courses that meet their preferences and other courses to play on.

GolfBonk- Golf courses with annotated maps In Their Own Words

“GolfBonk is based on a new extension to the WeatherBonk architecture, which provides support for very rapid development of enterprise-grade mashups. At its core are a set of custom java annotations used in conjunction with the object’s definition that define the necessary ‘meta-data’ on how to integrate the object in a mashup. Thus, an existing enterprise system can readily be ‘mashed-up’ by simply adding the required annotations, or creating a simple wrapper class. Once the annotations are defined, the rest of the application is automatically assembled. For example, to add a new field to an object requires a change only in one place. Depending on the configuration, it would propagate to other parts of the application, such as a filter for the user query, as a column in the detail grid, in the popup, and as an editable field for user modified data.”

Why GolfBonk- Golf courses with annotated maps It Might Be A Killer

This is a fun website for golf lovers to visit during times when they can’t be outside actually playing. The information is shared and valuable and the maps are great for finding new golf resort courses.

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Is there any information that is not allowed due to private rules or courses that are used in big competitions? GolfBonk- Golf courses with annotated maps