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Goldhat.orgGoldhat is a community site that aims to bring artists and patrons together. The basic premise is that the former share links to their best content, and that the latter make donations upon checking such content (IE, music, images, clips…).

The site was started by a writer who wanted to provide those who create original content with a ready opportunity to make a living from what they do, all the time emphasizing quality over quantity. On the site, that is the only thing that matters: if the content is good it will be featured on the main page. It doesn’t matter if it took the artists three times longer than the average keyword-friendly piece others churn out, and that it includes no crucial keywords at all.

This is quite an interesting take on a situation that is often taxing: the creation of content that is superior in terms of quality, but inferior in terms of actual quantity or volume. This site makes for the efforts of devout content creators to receive the recognition they deserve for not going unnoticed, and for the artist to have a chance to have a more dignified live. In Their Own Words

“Goldhat is an online community where artists, writers and creative people connect with patrons who want to support their work.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give these artists that strive for excellence both recognition and a monetary retribution.

Some Questions About

How much can an artist ask as a donation for any of his works? Are there limitations of any kind at play, or can he ask for as much as feels he deserves?