GoGoStat.com – Monitor What Your Kids Do On Facebook

GoGoStat.comNo responsible parent could be unconcerned about the safety of his teenage sons on Facebook. The mere thought of them interacting with people who are not who they claim to be is startling. And keeping track of what the teenager is doing is never easy. Any attempt to do so would be seen as an intromission by the youngster, and as a lack of confidence on him.

GoGoStat is a new stealth application that makes things considerably easier for everybody. It is an app that runs within Facebook (IE there is no need to install anything either on the computer or the mobile phone), and that can be used to track the messages and photos that are being exchanged by the children. Besides, the profiles of all their new friends can be visualized and examined.

GoGoStat is an entirely free application. As it was just mentioned, it works within Facebook – there is nothing to download or install. And the app is already available both in English and in Spanish.

GoGoStat.com In Their Own Words

Helping you safeguard your kids.

Why GoGoStat.com It Might Be A Killer

It can put a definitive stop to cyberbullying and related hazards.

Some Questions About GoGoStat.com

Are there other applications for doing this? Which is better? GoGoStat.com