search cancel – Share Business Ideas and Projects is a recently launched business social network with the interesting goal of facilitating new business ventures of a collaborative nature amongst site members.


To put it simply, the site allows anyone to propose a business idea which others can then brainstorm together or invest $100 to be a part of a newly formed business based on the original idea. All new ideas can be voted and commented on and the most popular ideas then become implemented as the next joint company. Decisions are made collectively and profits are distributed amongst all co-owners. Decide on staffing and communicate with your employees and other co-owners through blogs and on Twitter. In Their Own Words

“What sets itself apart from other business social networking sites is that it enables the community to take business ideas to the next level. Aspiring entrepreneurs can pledge to become co-owners to implement interesting business ideas, own and manage a business entity together and profit from the business ventures created. Be rewarded with profits, franchise and business takeover opportunities!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting idea that could be a very helpful tool for those looking to gain experience into the inner-workings of the business world. If nothing else, you have to give them points for originality.

Some Questions About

How do they avoid situations of chaos where too many “owners” cause a lack of direction and order? Collective decision making is great in theory but at the end of the day, all businesses need a chief to make the final call.

Author : Caroline Bright

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