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Gog.comIf you are old enough to have seen the evolution of video games in at least a span of ten years, you will agree and understand that vintage classic games have some kind of charm not found in the modern ones. As hard to explain as it may be, understands this as no one else does. GOG means Good Old Games, and vintage PC game lovers can visit the site to get all those games they enjoyed to the fullest some time ago. The graphics, the music and the sound effects will not look like the ones of modern games, but somehow, “good old games” will manage to make you feel a special emotion.

Emulators had achieved to take old games to fans once again, but solves the situation in a more direct way, adapting the game files to work in Windos XP and Windows Vista software. Once you buy the game, at a really low price that will not hurt your savings at all, you can start playing almost right away.

You can look up your games using a search bar or browsing through different genres displayed on the top horizontal menu. Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Action and Racing are some of the categories to look at for that entertainment which filled you with joy when you were younger. Yes, maybe your kids will laugh at you for enjoying those strange sounds and primitive graphics… but you could use the chance to teach them about something they never knew. Imagine the pleasure of playing again Alone in the dark, or Another world, to name but a few of those classics.

Besides, at you will get more services than you could imagine. You will be able to download the game and own it from then on, without limits to copy it to another computer or to download it every time you wish. You will as well get many added material with your purchase, like mp3 soundtracks, game guides, walkthroughs, and other features which are not detailed. In Their Own Words

Feeling nostalgic about the good old days where gameplay reigned supreme? Longing to spend some long, passionate nights with your favorite games of yesteryear? We’re proud to present, the site where it’s all about Good Old Games and the people that play them.

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