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GoFISHn.comIf you are truly keen on fishing and feel you need a couple of anglers to chat with and exchange tips, this new website is certainly tailor-made. You see, it is a social resource where you can meet up with such individuals and interact with them a la Facebook.


That is, you can share media as well as opinions and comments.

The site also includes an encyclopedia and a whole section that is dedicated to gear, so that if you need an objective overview instead of the subjective input that other members can provide the site will cater for you as well.

Moreover, you can learn about the location of tackle shops and read reviews of different boat charter services. And fishing reports are located in the section of the site that goes by the corresponding name.

All in all, the site is certainly comprehensive and I think it has what it takes in order to hook its intended audience. If you think that audience could include you, giving the site a glance might just be fulfilling. In Their Own Words

“Where anglers connect to swap fishing stories and pictures, share angling tips, and find fishing guides and services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt spot for fishers and people who have even a fleeting interest in the sport to get in touch and interact.

Some Questions About

In which ways is the insight provided by users organized?

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