Diets Are Dying, goEvo App Is For Everyone Wanting To Live And Eat Healthy

What good is a diet if it makes you feel miserable? All the time. About yourself, about life… Doesn’t matter if you stay within an ideal range of calories, if you temporarily drop a few pounds – if you’re unhappy, the diet is a failure. And this truth points to an open secret that everyone knows but won’t admit: Dieting doesn’t work.


The goEvo app takes an entirely different approach to weight loss. It’s “not a diet. It’s a tool for people who want to lose excess weight, get fitter and lead a healthier and ultimately happier life.”


goevo landing


Another open secret: Eating healthy and exercise are fundamental to wellbeing. We all know this. We just need the kind of support that goEvo offers to condition our brains and bodies to accept this knowledge.


Rather than focus on food, goEvo puts mood and habits under the spotlight. The app helps users to track moods and recognize emotional food cues that lead to unhealthy eating. Eating that piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party should bring you joy. A bad day at the office should not result in you scarfing down an entire cake. By creating awareness for our eating habits and the emotional triggers that cause overeating or eating unhealthy foods, goEvo guides us toward altering our behavior so that we develop healthier eating patterns.


To accompany the tracking and learning components of the app, goEvo provides access to experts and other resources in real time – when those unhealthy cravings hit and you most need a voice other than your own to steer you in the right direction. With goEvo, you gain access to support from nutritionists and fitness consultants.


goEvo also furnishes hundreds of tasty, balanced recipes and fun workouts. Forget about the proscriptive diets – nonsense like no fat or low carbs. And, yes, you read that correctly, fun workouts. Time to re-learn that fitness is about play, creativity, and feeling good. goEvo offers simple and quick exercise videos for anyone, including a variety of activities such as yoga, boxing, soccer and martial arts. No more joyless workout routines that serve more as punishment than promotion for better quality of life.


The creators of goEvo explain: “A lot of issues with health and eating come down to cultural norms, both at a family level as well as the wider social level. These are instilled in us from a young age and stay with us through later years unless we deal with them… We know that dieting doesn’t work in the long run … The cycle of dieting, losing weight, then regaining it can leave us feeling hopeless and guilty. But this is not the fault of dieters. The problem is the diet culture.”


“The only way to get rid of excess weight and keep it off is by changing the way we think and feel about food and our bodies. That’s how we can end our dieting cycle for good and that’s what goEvo is all about.”


The startup is gearing up to launch the goEvo iOS app. Sign up to their mailing list for the launch at and automatically be entered to win a Nutribullet Blender plus two wellness book titles: Eating Well Made Easy and Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (total prize value: $120.00USD).


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