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GoCartdv.comBuilt on CodeIgniter, GoCart is an online shopping cart that’s been created with one thing in mind: ease of use. This ecommerce solution is completely customizable by merchants, and the fact of being an open-sourced application gives all of its users the chance to share any improvements they’ve made with everybody else. If you download this cart and implement it, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of categories and tiers, and list an unlimited amount of products. The title and metadata of your categories and all the products that are included on them can be changed whenever you want, using a simple WYSIWYG editor. Plus, all kind of shipping methods are supported: flat rate, table rate, USPS domestic, USPS international…

And GoCart also makes it really simple to handle all of your registered customers. You can export customers as XML, and export newsletter subscriptions as CSV. A multiple address manager will let you reorder everything as you see fit.

The latest versions of GoCart are all hosted on GitHub, and you can download them by clicking on this link. And you can always try the GoCart demo yourself, and see the features that have been listed in action.

GoCartdv.com In Their Own Words

GoCart, an open source eCommerce solution built on CodeIgniter.

Some Questions About GoCartdv.com

How does this compare to other shopping carts that have also been built using CodeIgniter? GoCartdv.com