GoBiggi – Customer Reviews 100% Designed To Help Businesses

Driving online traffic, especially as customers continue migrating to mobile, is a real challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. They may not know where to begin, lack a responsive web design, not have a managed customer review system in place…


All of which can lead to fewer customers, invisibility on search engines, a poor brand reputation and missed opportunities. In short, business owners need help, big time.


They need GoBiggi – a web-based customer review aggregator and management service. GoBiggi offers a streamlined, simplified solution to increasing, collecting, and managing customer reviews.




GoBiggi specializes in helping minimize negative customer reviews and using positive reviews to build consumer trust, increase brand transparency and credibility, and turn customers into brand advocates.


GoBiggi submits each review as user-generated-content to search engines to improve the company search ranking score. As a result, GoBiggi clients enjoy top positions on search pages and they can compete more efficiently in local searches and on social media.


Unlike other customer review aggregators that exist independently of the business’s website, GoBiggi provides its clients with a Custom Review Page. Arriving customers (who usually read 2 to 10 reviews before choosing a service or product), can read reviews, contact businesses, leave reviews, or connect to the website. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach customers on all devices, communicate better, and take a more active role in building a positive image.


GoBiggi Founder and serial entrepreneur Jay Ben Avner says, “A company’s reputation and value hinges on what their customers say about them. By giving businesses the tools to regularly collect and post customer reviews to a review-focused landing page that looks and acts like a responsive website, we can improve their online reputation, increase their search ranking, attract new buyers, and help drive organic growth.”




Another major differentiator between GoBiggi and conventional consumer review platforms like Angie’s List and Yelp is that GoBiggi enables businesses to be more actionable. Any low-rated reviews (reviews less than 3 stars) are intercepted and sent to the business directly, allowing them to respond appropriately to the reviewer and rectify the situation before the negative review is posted online.


GoBiggi is launched and live. The company recently introduced enhanced analytics to boost promotion and search engine rankings. Those interested in expanding their customer base and increasing conversions, can sign up or request a demo on gobiggi.com.


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