GoAnimate.com – DIY Cartoons

GoAnimate.comThink you can create the next Mickey Mouse? Have a creative itch and a talent for cartoons, animation, or drawing? Try GoAnimate. It’s a new site that might help you get your creative juices flowing by letting you make your own animations.

Sure, there are plenty of sites for making cartoons, but those generally fall short when it comes to options and features. With GoAnimate, instead of making a simple cartoon strip, you can actually choose from a variety of options. There are plenty of templates or you can create your very own. Characters are plentiful and completely customizable. You can even add your face or photo to a cartoon. Cartoons are shareable across a number of sites including Facebook. And the site is completely free.

GoAnimate.com In Their Own Words

“GoAnimate can do loads of stuff! While we do our best to make it easy to use, it is always hard to pack so many features onto a computer screen and make it easy for say a chiwawa with its legs attached behind its back to use. Whether you have trouble creating animations or you want to learn about the more advanced features of the application, this page is the place to be!”

Why GoAnimate.com It Might Be A Killer

GoAnimate is a fun place to get creative, share your work and have fun. It’s interface is easy to use and it comes with a lot of features.

Some Questions About GoAnimate.com

Will users like GoAnimate better than the competition? Will the business model work? Why not include YouTube? GoAnimate.com