Goalmigo.com – Achieve Your Goals

Is your life lacking some much needed direction? Does your daily routine consist of watching reruns of Star Trek while munching on buckets of deep fried chicken? If that’s the case, you’re in desperate need of some goals, buddy. Don’t worry though, Goalmigo can help.

This site will help you keep track of all your goals. Once you’ve registered simply jot down your goals (quick description, title) and the date by which you’d like to accomplish them. Goalmigo will send out an email to supporters who’ll help you achieve those goals. Along the way you’ll get progress reports which are also sent out to your supporters. If you’ve accomplished your goals you can support others or add others’ goals to your list adjusting them to fit your purposes. Goals can be made public or private. Other useful features include badges, profiles, videos and links.

Goalmigo.com In Their Own Words

“Goalmigo is a website that helps you achieve your goals. The name Goalmigo is a combination of “goal” and “migo”, “migo” taken from the Spanish word amigo meaning friend. Goalmigo encourages users to share their goals and progress with their friends.”

Why Goalmigo.com It Might Be A Killer

Goalmigo is certainly a good idea, and it’s got a robust infrastructure to match. Members are given ample support and there are many possibilities to express it—video, comments and the like. The interface is clean and organized. Great for those who need some extra impetus in their lives.

Some Questions About Goalmigo.com

What about blogs to record impressions, status etc? Professional input/advice? What about alerts or messages spurring members to keep with it? A goal suggestion area? Goalmigo.com