Go2Cut.com – Long URL Shortcut

Go2Cut.comThere is more than a fair share of tools and application that can be used to shorten URLs, and a new one has just been released to the public. This particular tool goes by the name of go2cut, and it is perfect for using long URLs with MSN, Skype, Twitter et al.

As it is often the case, this is a very straightforward tool, and using it will entail no procedural headaches. You simply insert the long URL and hit the “Create URL shortcut!” button.

However, there are two aspects that merit mentioning. The first is that you can implement a password protection when creating the short URL. This is also possible using other similar services, and it was to be expected in keeping with the most recent trends as regards these applications.

In second place, go2cut comes complete with antivirus scanning of the URL you are shortening. This is a welcome feature, as it will let you rest assured that the safety of your machine will not be at stake by visiting that website.

From the site you can also access the most recent public shortcuts that have been created. Your shortcut will be displayed there as well, unless you clicked on the “Hide from pubic” box when you created it.

Go2Cut.com In Their Own Words

“Go2cut.com is designed for creating shortcuts from long URL’s. Easy for using long URLs with: MSN, AIM, Skype, Twitter, SMS, Email, Affiliate links and many more.”

Why Go2Cut.com It Might Be A Killer

There is a ready demand for a service like this.

Some Questions About Go2Cut.com

How customizable is it? Can you specify the name you want for the short URL, or is that set by default? Go2Cut.com