search cancel – Search the Australian Blogosphere many unique and popular things have come out of Australia- Ugg boots, shampoos, even vegemite- why not discover even more? Gnoos is a new search engine that allows users to search the Australian blogosphere for recent and relevant stories. More specifically, an individual enters in their search term and has the ability to search Australian blogs, the Aussie media, or global media.


Results are sorted according to the date of post and related to article content (rather than general themes of the blog). Bloggers can also add their site to the Gnoos database, and while they will favor Aussie bloggers, anyone can attempt to register. In Their Own Words

“gnoos is a search engine that focuses on providing Australians with the latest information being talked about online locally and globally on topics of interest in the last day to week.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

One of the great things about the web is its lack of national borders- if you are located in France you have the same access to a blog in Guatemala as any internet user in any country- and most blog search engines adhere to that global, borderless search standard. However, it is always great to have more and different search options, and Gnoos provides a tool to fill a search gap (regional blog searches).

Some Questions About

Why not integrate an option to search blog themes as well (for instance, blogs about “Bondi Beach” rather than only articles about that place)?


Author : Mery Fisher

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