– A New Storage Platform Is Now Available

Gluster.comGluster is a storage platform that will let you save and manage your data in a global namespace that is almost limitless. That is, using Gluster you will be capable of deploying petabyte-scale storage while enjoying centralized management and automated maintenance.

In simpler words: Gluster will let you store an unprecedented amount of data, without you having to worry about backing it up from time to time, and it will also provide you with the resources for organizing that data once it has been stored. The platform is entirely scalable, too, so that professionals who need to accommodate new technological advancements in the way they do research will be fully catered for.

As you can imagine, such a platform is mainly used in industries like multimedia and anything that has to do with life sciences (like medicine) and energy – the virtualization and data archiving that Gluster has make it an invariably good alternative. It can also be used by providers of financial services that operate globally. In short, anything that implies the handling of a massive amount of data and computing power will be well-suited to this. In Their Own Words

“Manage your data in a single global namespace on commodity hardware with the open source Gluster Storage Platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Let’s make no mistake here – this is something for technical users. These will be able to get the very nuance of the site, and the ways that it can help them take any research process in a wholly revitalized direction.

Some Questions About

How long does it take for the whole platform to be up and running?