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Glooko.comThere are 19 million diabetics in the US alone, and of these 17 million test their blood sugar levels constantly. This app is for all of them, and (hopefully) those who don’t check their blood sugar levels will find it useful-enough to begin doing it regularly. Available for iPhone, Glooko is a digital logbook that lets people who have diabetes keep track of their blood sugar levels over time. Which is something that lots of apps let you do, really. But there’s something that tells Glooko apart from all of them, and it’s the fact that you won’t have to input the data yourself. No, Glooko comes with a cable that goes from your iPhone to your glucose meter, and that’s used to have your daily readings automatically downloaded.

And once you’ve got your readings in your logbook, you can not only add notes to them but also mark when they took place (IE, before or after meals). You can then have them emailed or faxed to your doctor.

The Glooko app itself is available for free on the App Store, and the cable is sold separately. It currently costs $40, it works with the six top glucose meters on the market, and you can buy it here. In Their Own Words

Managing your diabetes is only one part of your life. Glooko lets you live life while effortlessly monitoring your diabetes, by giving you convenient anytime access to a logbook on your iPhone.

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Will more glucose readers be supported later on? Which ones would it make better sense to support first?