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Glogster.comTired of the generic feeling of most social networking pages? Like, no matter how hard you try to personalize them, you still have to work within specific parameters and use set templates created by the site? Glogster throws these notions out the window and allows members to network using posters that they create themselves. Users can upload photos, video, or choose from a wide variety of prepared icons.


Members can then search keywords or browse the new glogs to find friends that have a similar style. Glogsters can put as little or as much as they want on their poster, and they have total control over the content. In Their Own Words

“Poster yourself! Share your creativity with friends all around the world!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Glogster is fun and lets users showcase their unique personalities. Members can also copy their glogster link and post it to a website. I can definitely see it appealing to the high-school and younger set.

Some Questions About

Is Glogster more of an online art project, or will it really be used as a social networking tool?


Author : Mery Fisher

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