– Analyze Email Marketing Campaigns

GlockAnalytics.comA tool that will have email marketers beaming from ear to ear, GlockAnalytics can be used to analyze the performance of any campaign that is implemented, and figure out which have been its high (and low) points at once.

When using GlockAnalytics it is very easy to know how many recipients actually opened and read the messages that you sent. Moreover, the site makes it very easy to learn how many recipients forwarded the mail to others. And GlockAnalytics will even let you realize how many times the email was actually printed by recipients.

Additionally, GlockAnalytics can take care of determining which email client your recipients are predominantly using. With that information in your possession, it will be very easy to send them emails that look good in these clients they are running.

Four plans are provided: Basic, Pro, Premium and Marketing. The number of subscribers they can handle is what tells each one apart from the rest. And a free evaluation account that is limited to 100 subscribers is also available. In Their Own Words

Realtime email tracking.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It should simplify the job of email marketers to no end – they will get to learn how successful their efforts and strategies are really turning out to be.

Some Questions About

Has the free evaluation account got limitations other than the ones mentioned on the review (IE, the number of subscribers)?