– Community Funded Reporting

GlobalFM.comGlobal For Me is self-defined using the following words: “A new concept in news gathering and delivery”. In essence, it is a platform that lets anybody become a commissioning editor and choose a theme or topic to be researched by a journalist.

The way this works is simple: you suggest a story and then gather the necessary funds to hire the reporter who will do the research itself. You can make a donation yourself, or start a campaign and get your family and friends involved.

The reporters and journalists in question come from GRN (Global Radio News Ltd.), an organization that is made up by renowned broadcasters all around the globe.

For the time being, Global For Me is working with texts stories only. If all goes well, movie and audio coverage will be added sometime soon.

Only time will tell if such a paid model is viable – remember that there are free alternatives to services like this one, letting individuals tackle community-fueled journalism at no cost. In any case, it will be interesting to see the way this service develops and shapes itself. In Their Own Words

“Global for me™ is the home of journalism for YOU – your choice, your story – provided for YOU by some of the best reporters in the business. The bottom line is – if enough of YOU are into it – we’ll produce it. So get your networks involved, if it’s important to YOU, it’s important to them, all of you donate to the work and get the story in your inbox. Be ahead of the game. We have access to reporters in every country in the world, we can cover anything, from the most remote places to the story next door….think global, act local.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets anybody bring stories of note to the general public and raise awareness this way.

Some Questions About

How much does this exactly cost? Is there a fixed rate that has to be paid, or does that differ from report to report?