KillerStartups – Buy Eyeglasses Online is the one site that you should visit when wanting to buy eyeglasses on the Internet. This online retailer has got it all – eyeglasses for men, women and kids, and you can browse through all of the items that make up its catalog by size, style, shape, color and material. And also by price. You can make it clear how much you’re ready to pay for all the eyeglasses that fall within that range to be presented. And uploading/inputting your doctor’s prescription is done in seconds – the site packs a really great user interface.

And the site comes with lots of cool features. My favorite (and I guess most of you will adore it, too) is the virtual mirror that you can use for free. This will let you see how well any pair of eyeglasses look on you. And this feature is all the more likable because you can share the image you get with all your friends. You’ll never have to make the decision of which eyeglasses to buy alone. offers a 90-day return policy, and it charges a worldwide flat shipping rate of $5.95. And it’s important to mention that the company sells more than eyeglasses – it actually sells a truly great range of sunglasses and sports glasses. In Their Own Words is an online eyeglasses retailer bringing clear and perfect vision to customers around the world. Focused on quality, style and saving money, set out to provide cheap eyeglasses for everyone. Offering huge collection of professionally crafted prescription eyeglasses, made from the highest quality tested material and top quality lenses; was launched in year 2005.

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