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Online. Social. Alternative.” It is a new social networking site for the professional gay, lesbian and transgender community. Like most networking sites, you create your own personal profile, post and share photos, videos and music, chat, engage in forums, and read news. But since it is for the professional community, the site also has a huge focus on finding jobs and creating professional job categories to allow those in the same field to connect. In describing their site, the creators placed a lot of emphasis on building a community of friends and coworkers that allows everyone to be themseves without any pressure. They want the site to be “your online mirror to your offline life.” In Their Own Words

First things first: Don’t fret, you haven’t been missing out on anything. GLEE is a brand-spanking-new site. Welcome. Okay, we know that you may be asking yourself one of a handful of questions right about now. The most obvious one is probably, “What the %@#$ is GLEE?” Or, “Why do we need yet another one of these social-networking sites?” Along those same lines: “How is GLEE different from all the other social networking sites out there?” And some of you may be thinking, Who has time for all of this? I have a real life and real people that I need to meet. Finally, and we know this is going to come up for all of the singles out there: “Is GLEE going to get me a date?”

Thanks for asking.

GLEE, as you may have noticed, stands for “Gay. Lesbian. & Everyone Else.” GLEE is like most good events or gatherings you’ve ever been to: gay-centric but inclusive. In a nutshell, we think the name says it all so we’ll move on…

Next up is a slightly tougher query, and one that is relevant considering the social-networking craze that is sweeping the country. Supposedly everyone under 95 is associated with one or more of these sites. And while it may be great, in theory, to have 150 million people available to throw an electronic “howdy” at, doesn’t it feel a bit, well, overwhelming? Like, every time you log in, you’re in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by drunk tourists, seizure-inducing lights, and it’s five degrees…below zero. Trust us, there’s a reason New Yorkers avoid this melee, and why “tourists” only do it once. (Hint: It’s much more fun to watch it on TV with a group of friends and a few bottles of bubbly.)

So here’s our question back to you: Which one of the above scenarios would you prefer when you go online? Granted, being surrounded by chaos and a bunch of rowdy strangers does have a sort of je ne sais quoi appeal to it. But what about those soirees you’ve attended where you know the host (maybe) and a few other people, but the rest in attendance are an open book? There’s a lot going on, but also the opportunity to steal away and meet other multi-faceted individuals. And we all know what these encounters bring: the possibility of fresh experiences.

Which brings us to the next question: Just who do we think we are to proclaim that we’re different from the “other” sites out there? Well, first we should clarify that, when we say that, we don’t mean it as a dis to the other LGBT sites out there. Please, we know they all serve a purpose (a good portion of them serve a very obvious “purpose”), otherwise they wouldn’t still be around, right? But where is the online LGBT hub, the space that brings us all together? No judgment, no pressure to be someone else, and definitely no kumbayaing…just a kick-back community that can be as intimate or as extensive as you prefer. GLEE is on its way to becoming that community.

Before we let you get back to exploring the site, creating your personal and professional profiles, and joining some GLEE groups (or establishing your own), we’d like to reiterate one thing: GLEE’s aim is to put the Big Gay Universe at your fingertips. We’re here to be your social and professional network. We’re here to be the online mirror your offline life. Oh, and about us getting you a date: If you happen to meet a hottie on GLEE, great. That’s an unexpected upshot to a site where the possibilities are boundless. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many doors are opened when you’re able to just be yourself!

And with that, we invite you to kick the GLEE doors wide open.

Why It Might Be A Killer

GLEE is creating a niche social networking site for the professional gay community, and is doing so with class and panache. There is nothing particularly innovative about the site, but I liked the toned-down nature of the content and the emphasis on actually creating meaningful connections.

Some Questions About

Is there enough of a market for this kind of niche site? I saw lots of Google Ads, but not a lot of sponsorships. Are they going after bigger ad dollars and do they have enough members to do that?

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