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Givit.comAvailable for iOS and Android, Givit lets you upload and share videos in the most private of settings. Givit allows you to share any video of yours with limited groups of people, and to ensure nobody is going to forward it without your permission.


And Givit lets you do this with just any video that you shoot using your mobile. The way the app works, the minute your video has been recorded then you can upload it, and choose the people who will get to see it by adding as many recipients as you want. And you’re allowed to add a personal message to what you’re sharing, too. The people you share your video with will be able to instantly comment on both the video itself, and the message you have included.

A service like this one is tailor-made for sharing videos of baptisms and all the most poignant milestones in the lives of any child. If you’re a parent, Givit is going to make sharing moments with these relatives that are located faraway an absolute delight. In Their Own Words

Easy private video sharing & hosting.

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Leaving aside parents, who else could find a service like this one useful?

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