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Givesurance Makes Paying Insurance Something You WANT To Do (Almost)

Today’s Killer Startup: Givesurance



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Elevator Pitch:

Givesurance lets users donate up to 5% of existing insurance payments at no extra cost.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Here’s something people don’t like to do: Pay for insurance. Here’s something people like to do: give back. Why am I mentioning those two things next to each other, you ask? Because there’s a brand new site that takes the suckiness out of paying for insurance and turns it into the feel-good that is giving back.


It’s called Givesurance and even though it just launched yesterday, I think they’re definitely on to something. Apparently, a portion of many insurance payments is a commission that goes to the broker. Givesurance takes a portion of that commission (up to 5% of the payment) and re-directs it to the charity of your choice. It’s easy, doesn’t cost you anything extra, and could potentially raise billions of dollars for worthwhile causes.


“95% of U.S households already donate to charity. By using Givesurance, an additional $100 billion could go towards charitable donations each year,” says Jennifer Rasiah, CEO and founder of Givesurance. “Out of pocket expenses are the main challenge for any supporter to make a donation, so by removing this barrier for policyholders, it gives our users the opportunity to donate to organizations they’re passionate about and be able to put their hard-earned dollars back to work.”


Givesurance is currently partnered with Progressive, Travelers, MetLife, Safeco Insurance, GMAC Insurance, and ZURICH, but you can always check and see if your insurance company qualifies.


So, in summation, Givesurance is basically just awesome. They turn something that sucks — paying insurance every month — into something awesome — helping out people and groups that need it the most. This one really sounds like a no-brainer to me.



Paying insurance SUCKS. Make it suck way less by giving back with @GiveSurance


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