GiveBestDeal.Com – Always Best Deals

This is an online advertisement system for vendors and a directory of shopping/business deals for consumers. Vendors place ads, the ads become searchable in this site and in search engines, and when a consumer is looking for a specific product/service, she will be able to find it out in this site.

Why GiveBestDeal.Com It Might Be A Killer

Currently there is no medium availble for vendors to place advertisements in a cost-effctive way. Affiliate marketing and PPC marketing are very expensive. Conventional media like newspapers demand a huge fortune to place advertisements, but again those advertisements perish at the end of the day when the newspaper is thrown to dust. Hence there is a lot of scope to attract vendors to place advertisements here as there is only a one time inclusion fee they have to pay, which will be much cheaper compared to newspapers, TV channels or other Internet marketing media like PPC, Affiliate marketing, etc. And, for consumers, this is a big shopping aid as this site will become a one stop shop for knowing all the deals around the world, and he can choose the best one for him.