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It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for a lot of people. Many businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19, and small businesses around the world are at risk of permanently shutting down within a few months. Luckily, people are stepping in to help, including the folks at Small Biz Heroes.

Small Biz Heroes is a global platform connecting small businesses in need with professionals offering free support. It was created as a response to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, and brings people together to help keep small businesses running.

When a small business, or “small biz,” joins the platform, they’re able to register their businesses and create a Small Biz Project. These projects are created by verified small businesses in need of free support from a professional in order to complete specific business tasks.

Professionals, called “small biz heroes,” are able to join the platform to offer free help to these small businesses using their specific business skills, called “superpowers.” Superpowers include a variety of skills, including those that help small businesses move to and succeed in the digital space, such as social media marketing, graphic design, accounting, website development, career coaching and more.

Small businesses benefit by receiving the free help they need to not only survive but also thrive in today’s economy. Small biz heroes get to make new connections and know they made a big impact in someone else’s life and business.

Features for Small Businesses

Small Biz Heroes offers helpful features for small businesses in need of support.

Features for Small Biz Heroes

Small Biz Heroes makes it easy for business professionals to find and help small businesses in need.

Small Biz Heroes was built on the concept of “Take what you need. Give what you can.” So far, they have helped connect thousands of small businesses across the globe with the free professional support they deserve.

Whether you’re a small business in need of free professional support, or a business professional willing to offer your expertise, visit to get involved.

Small Biz Heroes

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