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GirlAmbition.comYoung people make up the core group of individuals who use social networking sites. Just as in any other context, there are a number of inherent risks that make alarm bells go off in the heads of parents, the most obvious one being the chances of their kids meeting someone they shouldn’t meet.


After all, the web brings a whole cover of anonymity, and although features keep on being implemented to ensure the whole process will be a safe one, no-one could blame you if you worry about your sons and daughters.

One solution to this issue is resorting to a specialized network, IE one that has been created with a set audience in mind, and that offers a more secure environment as a whole. That is the case with this site, a new network that is self-described as “a positive place to play online just for girls.

This social site has all the features that characterize Facebook et al – users can chat and message each other, games can be played, and polls and quizzes are also part of the premises.

All in all, a viable alternative for those parents that want to give their daughters a chance to join in the social web, and do so in a safe environment. We all know how insistent the young ones can be when something gets in their heads, so that it is nice to have sites like this one at hand. In Their Own Words

“A positive place to play online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Parents are bound to appreciate a controlled environment for their daughters to interact and not be left behind by their friends.

Some Questions About

What steps are taken to ensure the identity of those who sign up?

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