Gigmu Is Here To Help You Reach A Global Audience

While some businesses are hyper-local — think your neighborhood coffee shop — others are totally global — like, as a point of comparison, Starbucks. On a smaller scale, many startups have to reach a global audience, but don’t know how to get the word out. Maybe they only have one or two spoken languages on their team; maybe they just don’t know about how to reach a broader audience. Regardless, the point is that there’s an audience they’re trying to reach and sell to — but they don’t know how to get there.


Enter Gigmu.




But before we go into details about this new site, let’s assess some of the current ways that people reach out a global audience. While being good at SEO — or just having some slick, black hat tricks under your chapeau — used to be relatively effective, these days the internet is so packed with content that it’s not really a great way to reach new audiences. Twitter is okay, but only if you’re willing to devote basically your entire life to it. Facebook keeps messing with their algorithm, making it harder and harder to reach your audience, unless you want to shell out those dollars. Even then, I’m skeptical as to how effective Facebook ads really are.


Gigmu aims to solve these problems by providing a platform that does two things: free classified ads in multiple languages and a section for soical journalism, a la Twitter. The free classified ads are exactly what they sound like: A chance to place ads in multiple languages for free. The social journalism section lets people write about the topics they care the most about and to interact based on those articles.


The site is new, so at the time of this post going live, there wasn’t a whole lot to peruse just yet. However, if you’re interested in reaching a larger audience or just want a new way to reach out to a global community, head over to Gigmu and join their burgeoning community.


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