– Personalized Treasure Hunts for Kids

Giftventure.comGiftventure is an innovative idea that allows you to turn every gift into a treasure hunting experience for your children. Simply go to Giftventure.

com, sign up, and then answer a series of questions like “where is the gift hidden” and “who is your child’s hero?” and gift venture will take care of preparing the hunt for you. They will develop a series of puzzles, games, and clues that will allow your child to learn and have fun while they look for their present. Clues will be sent in the mail and will come from your child’s hero or from whomever you chose, allowing them to learn, imagine, and have fun. With Giftventure, you are able to turn an ordinary gift into an extended and fun learning experience. In Their Own Words

“Take 5 minutes and turn an ordinary gift into an adventure! Giftventure is a personalized treasure hunt for children that comes in the mail. With your answers to a few simple questions, we create a magical combination of stories, puzzles and games that are written by a fantasy character leading a child to a gift you’ve hidden. When the gift is discovered, it is no longer just a present; it is a well-deserved reward at the end of an exciting and educational journey!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everyone loves a treasure hunt and Giftventure appears to be the only company in the children’s gift space offering this type of service. Parents will love being able to have the clues written by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and children will love the mystery.

Some Questions About

This is a wonderful idea and there is no doubt that it offers a real-value added service, but will parents want to fork out the approximately $18 required? Giftventure also takes time to play out, so it will not be a useful resource for the last-minute shopper.