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Giftry – The Greatest Gift Of All Is Not Struggling To Find Gift Ideas

Few joys match giving someone the perfect gift – the genuine delight on her face opening her present, the pleasure of making him so happy… If only we were all expert gift givers.


We are not. I, for one, am terrible at giving gifts. I can blame part of my shortcomings on having lived abroad for a long time. I don’t interact enough with people close to me to build that rolodex of potential gift ideas that grows naturally through conversations and by doing things together. I have to dig too far back in my aging memory for ideas, and I draw a lot of blanks these days. I can’t go on Facebook any longer because the upcoming birthday calendar causes me debilitating anxiety.


Which is why I can greatly appreciate Giftry, a mobile app “that makes gift shopping easy by secretly confirming whether or not the person will like your gift before you purchase it.”


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Basically, Giftry lets users create and share a gift registry (a.k.a. Giftry) for any occasion. Family and friends share gift lists either openly or anonymously. For events like weddings and anniversaries, it makes sense to share a list in the open so that people will buy gifts that are obviously appreciated. The beauty of Giftry though, is that it extends this same courtesy to any gift buying situation – with as much added discretion as required.


It’s not always comfortable to ask someone in advance if they’d like something or to tell people “Hey, I want this.” If the app asks, on the other hand, it comes off as far less pushy and opens the door for people to receive gifts that they truly want.


Not only does Giftry help individuals put together curated lists of great gifts, but it goes the extra mile of making recommendations to further help come up with winning ideas, so you can explore options with less effort.


I’ve tried the grab anything at the last minute and cross your fingers approach too many times in the past. Rarely does it turn up the right gift, which is a miserable feeling, not to mention, ramps up the pressure to find a better gift the next time. Who needs this kind of disappointment in their lives? Nobody.


We don’t sit around listening to music we don’t like, do we? Heck no. We make playlists so that we listen to music we enjoy. Giftry is simple, really. We use it to create albums of great gift ideas, for ourselves and for others. Installing a Giftry button lets us add gift ideas from around the Internet without problem. Bounce lists off one another and nab ideas from other collections that people keep public.


Giving and receiving gifts is supposed to be fun, after all. Start making Giftries and receiving feedback from friends at, or download the app from the App Store.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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