Gift Perfectly and Easily, Every Time

When that big day arrives, a generic text or Facebook post just isn’t always enough.


Being separated from those we love is a reality of life.  Work, kids, and other relationships often force us to miss others’ major celebrations – whether it’s due to a distance barrier or lack of time.


Smartphone technologies have, however, allowed us to close the gap (digitally) when we can’t physically get in on the fun.  But when you really want to be there in spirit and leave a lasting impression, simple words on a screen just don’t do it justice.


Enter CLINK!Gift: the new way to acknowledge family, friends, and colleagues from a distance.  It’s an iOS-powered social e-gifting app that removes traditional barriers and makes celebrating life’s special events with family, friends, and coworkers easy & fun.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any other occasion you can’t attend, turn to CLINK!Gift for an easy-to-use gift-on-the-go solution.  Users can send a free drink, dessert, massage, and even pure cash to their loved ones with nothing more than a few taps and a little customization.


Recipients will then enjoy flexible options upon receiving your gift.  They can either keep it, exchange it for something of similar value, or even cash out the gift value and spend immediately.  Plus, they’ll get the enjoyment of knowing that you went the extra mile to celebrate their big day – even though you aren’t there in the flesh.


Just a few more of the many features CLINK!Gift offers to users:


  • Senders can create customized messages with any picture attached
  • Messages can be filtered, and drawn/written on
  • Other individuals from your contacts can join in on group gifts
  • Personalized messages may also be sent without gift attachments


CLINK!Gift was founded in 2017 by CEO Barbara Steel, who’s leveraged her experience in AR/VR coding to make continuous R&D a priority.  Since then, the app has been quite successful with local small businesses in metropolitan service areas, and has even entered into a charitable partnership with the American Cancer Society through its CLINK!Pink initiative.

Going forward, the company will continue to add features (including increased group gifting functionality) while also pushing hard to form more valuable business partnerships.  Steel sees a ton of potential for her app with applications in multiple verticals.


To see CLINK!Gift in action for yourself, give it a download at  You can also learn more by visiting them online at, and can email the CEO directly at [email protected].

Photos: CLINK!Gift