Ready To Get Creative? You’ll Want The Gif Out Loud Keyboard

I’m inexperienced when it comes to creating and sharing GIFs, but I’m so glad to have coworkers and friends that regularly treat me to theirs. It’s almost as if they have the power to speak in a different language, but one that’s incredibly easy to understand and adds immense joy throughout the online day.


Gif Out Loud is a mobile app that wants to extend those magical GIF skills to everyone. Also a messaging app, Gif Out Loud is a GIF and video keyboard that lets you quickly and easily take your messages to another level.


gif phone example


All with a personal touch. Gif Out Loud allows you to record your voice or use your music of choice to season your messages with “your voice, your way.”


Gif Out Loud streamlines the process of generating GIFs. Instead of searching for GIFs, you have a collection of them at your fingertips. Straightforward buttons allow you to add text, hashtags, sounds and stickers. Sharing is a simple as sending a text message. Basically, you can assemble a GIF and send it off in a flash.


You can also save your favorite GIFs and videos on Gif Out Loud and share them on your favorite social networks.



Gif Out Loud aims to unleash your creativity and true emotions, letting you be your “loud, witty, creative, hilarious, spontaneous, crazy” self in all of your messages.


Once you’ve started seeing and sharing GIFs, the Internet feels depressing without them. They arrive like presents, giving us tiny packages of surprise and delight. Setting our static screens into motion. Capturing and communicating our feelings effectively in small capsules that are ideal for disrupting the long, inhuman hours so many of us spend in front of a glowing screen.


And with GIF Out Loud, we can turn up the volume, adding our marvelous voices to the mix. Look at that! Just writing about GIFs can free a wave of sentiment, in ways that it’s hard to imagine covering, say, CRM ever could. Let’s keep livening things up, shall we?


Release your inner GIF by downloading Gif Out Loud from the App Store, or learn more about the app at


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