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Giddi.comIn the words of its creators, Giddi is a website aiming to let customers “make confident purchasing decisions much faster”. In order to do so, a method for rating products of its own has been devised.

The idea is to let the user identify the best products by taking into account a plethora of components such as price, reviews, age and popularity.

A comprehensive search tool is provided, letting you scour the database as extensively as you want. You can execute general searches on the spot, and you can also choose a specific category to focus on. Besides, the main page is always updated with featured items, and in each and every case you can see how much you can expect to pay and in how many stores it is available. Each product receives a numeric rating that goes from 0 to 100, and this rating is updated in real time.

The idea, then, is to let users arrive at definitive conclusions by taking into account aspects other than mere reviews. So far, Giddi has ratings to offer on over 600,000 products which span more than 250 categories. That is a respectable number indeed, and one that guarantees shoppers of all ages will find something well worth dipping into their pockets for. In Their Own Words

“Make confident purchasing decisions much faster.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service stands as an interesting alternative to other product review websites, if only because it takes far more elements into account.

Some Questions About

Which categories are going to be added next to the existing ones?

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