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GEX.comThrilled with your VW yet it is presenting a few technical issues? is a site which aims to provide you with a large variety of VW rebuilt engines and transmissions.


The site offers the possibility of performing product searches and also to browse through their huge stock which includes a description and identifying image of the product. Other than the fact of selling these products online and being able to check your cart as many times as you want, you will also find great assistance in this site in many other ways. For instance, you can take a look at the customer cars section where you will find both amazing and intriguing stories about old apparently worthless VW’s that with time, devotion and of course some money, were turned into real gems of historical value. Also, you can read what other customers thought about the site, its services and support in order to make a well based decision. For those out of a job or in search of a new one or better one, you will find an employment section where you can learn about the job opportunities and if you happen to get it, sky rocket your opportunities. Moreover, the shipping costs and terms and conditions are clearly specified for there to be no room left for doubt. Nonetheless, in case any doubt does appear, you can check out the FAQ’s section or even get in touch with them using the contact information provided. Want to give your VW a chance to shine and function as it should again? You will find an appealing choice.

Author : Caroline Bright

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