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GetYourGrooveOn.comGet Your Grove On stands as an online community that enables songwriters and composers to convene together, exchange insight and discuss their trade. Those who sign up and become part of this social site are able to send songs to anybody they wish and receive feedback and input in return, as well as creating a private song vault where their creations can be securely stored.

As the programmer explains, this social site was born because he felt the need of an online spot where songwriters could keep not only their creations but also related information such as tabs and sheets in the same place.

The site has a clear layout, and a navigation menu that touches upon items such as “Songs” and “Artists” can be put to good use right away. You can also sign up for free and stand connecting with fellow craftsmen by following the link which is provided.

All in all, a very convenient way for songwriters to interact over the web and perfection their trade. In Their Own Words

“Every songwriter I know keeps a record of the songs they’ve written. Whether it be in a notebook or on the PC, these songs are usually accompanied by other information like chord progressions, tabs, and sometimes a simple mp3 file. I wanted a way to organize this information myself, and figured there would be a lot of people in my exact situation. With that, the idea for GetYourGrooveOn was born.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Songwriters all over the globe are certain to appreciate the many features on offer and the progresses they can make through a site like this one.

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