– Like Foursquare But More Private

GetUpAndRally.comDo you think that location-based networks will eventually displace social sites like Facebook in popularity, or do you feel that both services are naturally complementary and will always occupy adjacent squares? Whatever you opine, the fact remains that in the same way that “exclusive” social sites emerged not long after Facebook had become widespread now we are seeing location-based networks that emphasize a more limited experience. Rally Up is a prime example of that, as it is the spitting image of Gowalla or Foursquare with one difference that actually modifies everything: you can have a more private experience.

Upon installing the provided app, you will be able to share your location and your content only with people that you have preconfigured before, based on how well you know them and what they mean to you. Likewise, you will avoid the waste of time of having a news feed that means nothing to you. And you also avoid depleting the battery of your mobile for nothing.

The premise, then, is letting you get push notifications that come from “real” friend only – EG, people whose whereabouts and activities actually mean something to you, an that could determine what you are going to do next. In Their Own Words

“A social network for real friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who need to keep everything as pointed and concise as possible (IE, professionals with no time to waste) might take to it.

Some Questions About

What will be the fate of such an app? Does the vast majority of people really care that much about such a service?