– Subscribe To Lists By SMS

GetShotput.comWho would have known it, a thing such as SMS newsletters does exist. It is what this new service revolves around. Named Shotput, it will let you create a newsletter of such nature, and have it delivered to all those who sign up for it by sending a text message to the number that is provided on the site.

The creation process is really painless, and it basically involves choosing a hashtag and registering it. By merely include this hasthag in their text messages, people will be automatically subscribing to your newsletter.

And the whole system is made all the more flexible since you (as the one who has created the newsletter) are presented with an easy-to-understand list of all the people who have subscribed to it. All their email addresses will become viewable (and usable for further marketing purposes) in a breeze.

Shotput is a free service. And it is compatible with all major mobile phones in the world today. In Their Own Words

Shotput is an elective SMS newsletter service. Users can instantly subscribe to your newsletter when they text your custom hashtag to (210) 591-7468

Why It Might Be A Killer

For the simple fact it can simplify how people distribute and consume content online.

Some Questions About

How many of these newsletters can a single person subscribe to at the same time?