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GetMoot.comWe could term Moot a platform for communication and collaboration. Moot makes it vey easy for people to get in touch and share information, effectively working together with minimal interruptions and without having to worry about their inboxes becoming sorely clogged.

Those who use Moot will share a real-time feed that will highlight the activities and tasks that have to be dealt with, and that the different team members will be simply a click away. Ideas can thus be discussed and developed until they materialize in an asset for the whole team. And enterprise security is always provided.

The aim of the programmers who devised Moot was clearly to come up with a group communication tool that was faster than email and that would ensure the accessibility of crucial information at all times. In practice, Moot is a place where co-workers can share information and find the answers they might need in an easy (and direct) way. The truth is that nothing would ever replace email, but it is always great to have as many options as possible to go with. In Their Own Words

“Team collaboration that doesn’t interrupt your work or clog your inbox.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes collaborating online quite a supple task.

Some Questions About

How successful can it become? Will people take to it?