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GetMobilastic.comWeb designers and developers that have been commissioned to build a mobile site are going to be thankful that a service such as Mobilastic exists. In essence, Mobilastic will let them use what they already know (HTML, CSS and Django) and build sites like they have always done, but only that these sites will be fully compatible with mobile devices from the very beginning. For example, all the images that are featured there will be resized in order to match the aspect ratio of the device in question. Plus, the developer himself has full control over markup and code. And AdMob integration for ad serving and analytics is provided.


Ask any developer about a service like Mobilastic and you are getting the very same answer: any tool that lets them code like they have always done and do away with proprietary syntax is a tool that can save them lots of time and frustration. These are the terms in which Mobilastic is always going to be discussed and commented, and the one context in which its usefulness will always shine truer. In Their Own Words

Mobile website builder for web designers and developers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives any person who knows how to build a website take that knowledge and have it applied to the mobile web straightaway.

Some Questions About

In which other senses is this service convenient?

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