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GetiZUP.comWe all know that we should keep our hands on the wheel when we are driving, but the demands of modern life often mean that our phone will ring right there and then, and that we will be forced to take the call. There is nothing that we can do about that… or is it? iZUP is a new mobile solution that does something quite ingenious: it holds your calls and messages while you are driving, so that you won’t become distracted.


This is achieved by using the phone’s GPS in order to determine if the vehicle is moving or not. If iZUP thinks that the car is indeed moving, then it will proceed to limit its capabilities. It is as simple as that. Your messages and calls will be held until it is safe to read them

Note, though, that you can give priority to some specific numbers and prevent them from being blocked. That is a well-thought feature, and one that prevents the app from dealing with something as sensitive as notifications on a black and white basis. Blocking a call from a friend who just wants to talk and blocking a call from your pregnant wife are two different things, and it is good to see the app can tell one from the other.

iZUP is currently available for iPhones, Blackberries and Androids. There are many pricing options to choose from, too – single user and family plans are available, and both come in monthly and annual configurations. In Their Own Words

“iZUP holds texts messages and calls while you’re driving. How cool is that!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any app that has the prevent accidents from happening (such as this one) is something invaluable in itself.

Some Questions About

Will other smartphones be supported later on?

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