GetGrowth Uses AI To Grow Your Business On Twitter

If you’ve ever tried growing your business through Twitter but you’ve struggled to connect with your audience, there is hope.


Actually, there’s lot more than hope. There’s GetGrowth.




GetGrowth is a growth-hacking platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify relevant audiences and acquire them using high-quality, popular content.


Meet your new brilliant assistant that is always working for you, discovering content on your behalf, and finding your audience for you. Really, is there any other way to grow?


What’s great about GetGrowth is that it generates an organic following. It finds content that’s right for you and your audience – that you’d be sharing anyway if you had the time to find it. Then GetGrowth figures out the perfect time and perfect way to share content in your feed.




Many people opt for automatic scheduling, but this is a more strategic and effective approach. Who needs more filler? By selectively sharing content, odds of engaging people increase significantly. Plus, with time-consuming discovery already taken care of, you’re freed to add your personal touches to further capture attention and amplify your message.


Of course, any tool meant to engage an audience and acquire new followers is only as good as the results. GetGrowth tracks everything from new followers, favorites, retweets, and clicks, and supplies weekly reports – so you always know that you’re getting your money’s worth.


Though not even out of beta, GetGrowth is already serving thousands of businesses on Twitter and has helped its early customers add over one million followers. Hell yeah!


GetGrowth offers a variety of monthly plans, which includes special plans for pre-funding and early-stage startups. So, it’s an excellent, affordable resource for growing the audience that will lift your business off the ground.


Built by a team of social media experts, GetGrowth gives business owners the power to grow on Twitter like a pro without any special expertise or huge commitments of time and money.


Learn more about how GetGrowth can apply AI to leverage high-quality, trending content into a dynamic following for your business at


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