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GetCocoon.comWe live in an age in which our privacy is exposed in ways we seldom can fully imagine. The simple fact of creating an account on Facebook is going to have information we would rather keep to ourselves made public. And not everybody realizes it, but when you are browsing the Web you are also leaving traces all over the Internet that can help others (such as unscrupulous marketers) know how to reach out for you, and flood you with messages you could hardly care any less about.


Cocoon is a browser plugin that will let you browse the Internet in a really safe way. To begin with, your computer will be free from virus-related threats since the actual browsing is taking place on the Cocoon computers, not yours. All your browsing history will remaining strictly private, and the same could be said about your email – Cocoon mailslots will bedd used instead of the ones belonging to your regular mail server.

Cocoon is billed either monthly or annually – that is up to you. Mozilla Firefox is the only browser that is currently supported. In Their Own Words

Cocoon is dedicated to making the experience of using the Internet better. We believe you have a right to privacy. You should be able to browse the web without risk to your hard drive or to your personal information. You should have email without spam. Cocoon is a creation of Virtual World Computing which was founded in 2008. The Internet as it should be: Private, Secure and Malware-Free.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are worried about how much data they expose when browsing the Web will be relieved by such an application – to all intents and purposes, it will let them remain invisible to common threats.

Some Questions About

Will other browsers be supported in due time?

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