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GetCloser.comThis site is going to be of interest to the many music, film and TV adepts who are located in the United Kingdom. Through this social site, users can explore other people’s picks and come across interesting new media this way, whereas live performances and music videos can be watched online along with movie trailers in order to get the latest scoops.

The website is subdivided accordingly, and the main page will let you access categories like “Music”, “Film & TV” and “Events”. GetCloser also makes for receiving personalized updates, and it highlighting stuff that could appeal to you based on your preferences and tastes. Moreover, you can write reviews and biographies for all to see and discuss, as well as telling your own stories.

GetCloser is free and open to any person who wishes to start interacting with those with passions just like his on the Net. All that has to be complied with is creating an account beforehand, and furnishing some personal particulars and basic profile information. Once this step has been taken care of, you are ready to start furthering your artistic knowledge and making new friends along the way. In Their Own Words

“There’s a story behind every music and film collection. It could be a little-known fact about a musician or actor, surprising trivia about a movie or even a personal memory. Stories are what make music and film collections, and our relationships to them, unique. is all about sharing these stories. It’s a community that empowers fans to explore the relationships between albums, songs, movies, shows, artists, actors and directors to let them get closer to the music, film and TV they love.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who wish to share their stories and insight as regards their best-loved movies, artists and TV can do so easily through this social site.

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Is this service only available to people who are UK-based?