– A New Social Shopping Website

GetCheep.comCheep is the latest social shopping website that has been released. What it does is to let users take advantage of their social graphs and see what their friends and acquaintances have bought more recently, while also letting them share that very same information with everybody else.

And the site offers a powerful add-on that can let you have the prices of anything that your friends have bought compared without even having to open a separate window. This means that if any friend of yours has bought a handbag that looks the part, then you will be able to search for that very handbag online, and find the one retailer that has it priced more reasonably. Thus, you are shopping socially and smartly at the very same time.

This add-on is available both for Firefox and Internet Explorer, and if you want to get yours all that has to be done is creating an account. That costs nothing, and upon submitting the (very) basic information that is requested you will be allowed to download it. In Their Own Words

Cheep helps you find the best deal by showing you accurate price comparisons from around the web in real-time, as you shop online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let just anybody learn about these products that their friends are buying, and then figure out where to buy them himself at the best prices.

Some Questions About

Will the add-on ever become available for people using other browsers?