KillerStartups – Get Feedback on Your Documents

GetBackBoard.comBackboard is a web-based tool launched by Increo Solutions that allows users to post various documents to receive feedback on those documents. Users post documents, URLs, and images to the sites, and anyone, including classmates, coworkers, and friends, may leave their comments based on the posted information.

This site has been utilized by company managers to communicate with their employees, design teams presenting new concepts to clients, students sharing project ideas, and various other individuals. The site is very straight-forward and simple to use. Furthermore, registered users may also have numerous simultaneous Backboard postings.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great system for professionals, students, and various other users who either collaborate on documents, or simply wish to have one central source to get feedback on a document. It has potential to relieve a great deal of expended effort and increase centralized communication for numerous groups of individuals. The site is very simple, making it easy to use by practically any invited site viewer.

Some Questions About

How may the “spread the word” link be enhanced to increase awareness of the site? How may potential users be reached? What other potential users may be attracted to the service offered by Backboard?

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