– Notify People When You Arrive

GetArrived.comTelling your friends that you’ve arrived somewhere is dead-easy nowadays. You simply have to check into FourSquare. Or you can post an update to Twitter or Facebook, telling everybody where you are. And that’s not counting sending out a good old SMS, and telling your friends where to look out for you. In all cases, we’re talking about something that takes just one or two minutes. It’s never something that could get in the way of the fun you plan to have. Yet, if you’re too lazy to even take out your mobile and update your status, then I’ve got the perfect application for you. It’s named Arrived, and it can take care of notifying your friends once you get to a certain place.

This is done by creating geo-fences. When you move into any of these, a message will be sent to the people you want to know about your location. You’re the one setting down who’s going to be notified of where you are, in no case will a notification be shot out to all of your contacts. You handpick the people to be messaged, for each and every place that

This is the download link for Arrived. The app is available at zero cost. And the company will take the wraps off a web version of the service soon, too. In Their Own Words

Meetup with friends without planning. Let them know you’ve Arrived.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles be supported later on? Or is this remaining an iPhone/web app only?