Get Unlimited Movies In Theaters With MoviePass

Today’s Killer Startup: MoviePass


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Elevator Pitch:

Get unlimited in-theater movies for only $30 a month with MoviePass.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My boyfriend loves movies and when I say “loves” I really mean loves. He’s a professionally trained actor and when he was a student back in London he’d buy monthly passes so that he could go to the movies as often as every day for some ridiculously low price that I don’t remember now.


When he told me about the passes that are available in Britain, my mind was blown. I couldn’t imagine movies in the States – which have gotten notably less affordable in my lifetime – could ever be so cheap.


But then I discovered MoviePass.


MoviePass has partnered with theaters across the world to allow their members to see “one traditional 2D movie every 24 hours.” IMAX and 3D movies aren’t included in the deal but with savings like that, you can probably splurge on the occasional 3D experience. Now, obviously, snacks aren’t included but let’s just say I’ve come up with some pretty ingenious ways to deal with that pricey aspect of the movies…


Ahem! Anyway…


I even searched for theaters in my hometown of Burlington, Vermont – a place that a lot of awesome new startups seem to leave out of their expansion until like, the very last minute – and found that my favorite theater is included.


While the occasional moviegoer (like myself) might not benefit very much from a MoviePass, serious movie lovers like my boyfriend definitely can. If you’ve recently realized that you’re spending way too much of your monthly income on the theater – or if you’ve only recently committed to taking in more movies – MoviePass is a great way to see everything you want to see, affordably.



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