Get To Know Your Customer On A Deeper Level

Emoticons may be working their way back into our lives, but this time, a little smile can put money in your pockets. Sentiment analysis is a new marketing platform that has unveiled a new direction for marketers, and keeping costumers happy has never been more important.

Social media was a fad, then it became a lifestyle, and now some businesses are finding that it is nothing short of a necessity. Customers now have access to the one of the most important aspects of market research, and that is the customers themselves. At powerhouse IBM, 1,700 CMOs verified that emotional connections with their paying customers are first up on the to-do list. The correlation between Public Relations and sentimental analytics is strong, and to keep your product a hot button item, it is essential to make sure you are not only marketing on your end, but also that you have your customers rooting for your team as well.

It is a simple concept really, just as you wouldn’t want to see a movie after all of your friends told you it was awful, you always might be swayed in staying away from that brand new gadget after you see it picked apart by unhappy costumers on facebook. Keep them happy, and therefore you can keep them coming.


The question is how do you keep them happy?

Well, marketers have been researching buying patterns of their customers for years in order to learn what makes them buy, what makes them turn away, and what makes them desperately try to convince their friends to follow in their footsteps. This is where the double-edged sword of social media becomes evident. Information for marketers as to the decision making process of customers is now just as readily available as the positive or negative comments they might give a product.


Using social media to advertise was just the beginning, and the power behind the sentiment felt towards a product can be an amazing marketing device. With so many ways for customers to express their sentiment as well, the table has been set for marketers to really take advantage of what has been laid before them. There are very few brands out their today that haven’t established themselves on the social media powerhouses like facebook and twitter, and these social channels have set an easily deciphered system up for marketers to understand.


Each move a customer makes has a reason, for example after a fun night with margaritas, if the hangover isn’t too bad the customer might pop out a like on the certain tequila’s facebook page. This encourages others to if not only catch a glimpse that someone enjoyed the product, but even scan through the photos of the party that has the product front and center with beaming smiles and a glowing atmosphere. However, it can be just as dangerous as a customer couldn’t shake the rough feeling in the morning and complains the tequila was too strong and this sends potential clients in the complete opposite direction.


The new age marketer has to understand all of the implications the new sentiment era can produce, and a new field of study has emerged with the social media platforms. Conventional market research has left the AMC’s “Mad Men,” era, and has fallen right into the laps of the facebook phenom and twitterbug trends.


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