Get the Most Out of Your Online Data

In today’s intensely competitive business world, data is the new gold standard.


Being able to obtain key information on your team, products, and customers is perhaps the best track towards gaining a competitive edge in 2019 – no matter if you’re an international enterprise or mom & pop.  And while recent technologies have made this much easier, the data gathering process is still sloppy and inconvenient as it generally requires accessing multiple sources.


Not to mention, being able to leverage it properly is another thing altogether.  All the data in the world means nothing if it’s not organized properly, or the right analytical processes aren’t in place.  Doing so can be a daunting process, especially when sensitive data is involved – and the wrong move can be devastating in terms of wasted time, expense, and poor decision making.


The time has come to make data work for – and not against – any forward-thinker seeking a competitive edge.  Introducing Baserow: an open source data collaboration platform for users and developers.

The Baserow database is centered on flexibility – bringing long-sought user-friendliness to the world of data sourcing.  Developers and other user types can arrange data the way they want to, blazingly fast, without needing to access multiple platforms.  It’s all part of their commitment to freedom, speed, and user experience, which are all crucially important when working with data.


Baserow collaborates data from the Django and Vue.js frameworks and operates as an open source product, which gives the user control.  It can be easily installed on your own server if desired but users are also free to use Baserow’s own hosted environment. The open source nature also provides added comfort when working with privacy sensitive data.


Here are just a few more features and benefits that Baserow provides to the data world:


  • Has the capability to handle millions of columns & hundreds of thousands of rows
  • All actions on the platform are clearly documented and can easily be extended
  • Users may download or develop custom plugins when limits are reached
  • Video and text tutorials are available for users needing support
  • The hosted Baserow environment can be used for just a small fee

Baserow was conceptualized by Founder Bram Wiepjes just earlier this year, and is already gaining quite the following in the developer community.  The platform is now firmly in its beta testing phase and is currently gathering (and implementing) feedback from core users.


Interested in learning more about Baserow or becoming a free beta user?  Just visit them online at  The Founder can also be reached via email at [email protected].


Photos: Baserow