Get Social Cash Back with :Qounter

The term “cash back” just has so much allure to it.


Credit card companies have been using it for years with great success, readily featuring those two magical words as a perk to lock in new customer accounts.  The trend is now finding its way over to the tech world, too – as evidenced by the increasing popularity of cash back apps over the past decade.


Whether it’s groceries, gas, or even just general spending, chances are most types of purchases you make have a rebate app associated with them.  But despite what these platforms promise, the vast majority don’t deliver. Instead of lining your pockets with cash, they load you up with items of far less value – like points, coupons, and QR codes.


This adds even more annoying steps to the process; and even if you are able to turn these digital “perks” into actual cash, there are usually extra fees attached to it.  All the tricks, false promises, and inconveniences are enough to make you tap “delete” just as fast as you installed.


It’s about time “cash back” actually meant cash back in the mobile app world.  Introducing :Qounter: a social-friendly platform that allows you to earn simple cash back for every purchase made with an online or offline merchant.

Offered as a mobile app or web extension, :Qounter works by letting you earn real cash back – not points or other “currency” – when you shop online, in retail, or at restaurants.  From Target to Sephora to Forever 21, it’s simple money in your pocket every time you use it at your favorite stores.


But that’s not all – the platform also includes a social networking element that allows members to connect with friends, who get the chance to earn too.  In fact, for every purchase made by a user, an equal cash distribution is triggered to that user’s friend network. So as your social circle grows, so does your :Qounter.


Quite simply, users will encounter no tricks when using the app – all they need to focus on is increasing their :Qounter.  Plus, they go the extra mile by even getting charities involved – as the nonprofit organization of the user’s choosing can also be set up to receive a cash distribution with every qualified purchase.

Getting started and connected to your favorite stores & charities on :Qounter is 100% free.  Just seconds later, users are able to add friends & family to their networks before shopping, spending, and earning some cold hard cash.  Other platform features & benefits include:


  • Get notifications every time you or your friends make purchases & earn cash
  • Easy viewing of the most popular deals & offers from your favorite stores
  • The ability to send money from the app to your PayPal account
  • Can also donate your cash, or transfer it to a friend


Founder Raul Triveno launched :Qounter back in 2018, and has quickly turned the app into an up-and-coming force in the cash back market.  The company now boasts an impressive 2,000+ online US merchants on its platform, including The North Face, Vans, T-Mobile, Walmart, and many more.


Adding 40,000+ more offline US merchants is in the plans for Triveno over the near-term future – as is adding to a partner charity list that already includes organizations like United Way, American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society.  As for platform improvement, the app will soon feature exclusive content right to users’ feeds created by top influencers and brands.


Interested in trying :Qounter for yourself?  Visit them online at to learn more and download the iOS or Android app.  The Founder is also available for contact via email at [email protected].


Photos: Qounter