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Get Rid Of Your Filing Cabinet – Invoice Ninja Is Here

As a small business owner or freelancer, it can be incredibly stressful, time-consuming and—ironically—expensive to track your finances. Unless you’re a freelancing accountant, it’s pretty safe to assume that when you first started down this path, you were following your passion – not looking for more bookkeeping tasks.


Thankfully, Invoice Ninja has come along to make things easier. Here’s their tagline – bet you can’t read it without breathing a sigh of relief:


Free Open-Source Online Invoicing.


Yep. Told you. In case you’d forgotten, that’s a sensation salaried folks refer to as “relaxation.”


Founded in 2014, Invoice Ninja was “built to meet demand for free and affordable hosted invoicing.” As I looked over their well-designed, intuitive website, I was inclined to believe that they are, in fact, the solution founders have been waiting for.


The entire invoicing process has been streamlined, making it easier than ever before.




Not only do they offer a range of features so you can quickly create and customize invoices, but you can also use the platform to send them directly out to your clients – and collect payments.


Back to the tagline – that ‘free’ part? If you take a look at their pricing options, that tier is actually referred to as “Forever Free” – a move we greatly appreciate and respect. It’s pretty impressive how many features they’ve packed into this tier. To name just a few, you can manage up to 500 clients, accept payments online through 30+ payment gateways (including Stripe and PayPal), customize invoice templates with your own logo and even offer your clients a platform for viewing invoice history.


If you upgrade to Ninja Pro (for only $50/year!), you’ll get access to a handful of premium features, enabling you to: manage an unlimited number of clients, setup multiple user accounts for members of your team, and create quotes and pro-forma invoices.

I especially appreciated that Invoice Ninja is an open-source platform – financial services have a long history of being unnecessarily complicated and exclusive. Invoice Ninja is turning this model upside down, and here at KillerStartups we’re excited to watch them grow as more and more founders opt for more modern, dynamic and egalitarian options.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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