Get Out in Front of Cybersecurity Threats with Musubu

Safety is a fleeting feeling these days – especially within the digital realm.


Cybersecurity threats can, and often will, come from anywhere.  They can be especially debilitating for businesses that rely on apps and software to manage valuable customer data.  Just ask companies like Facebook and Under Armour – entire databases can be compromised before you even know what hit you.


The main problem is that cybersecurity and IT professionals often don’t know where to look for threats, and even have a difficult time pinpointing them after the fact.  This reactive status quo is making peace of mind increasingly difficult to capture.


Enter Musubu: an easy-to-use IP address data API that delivers built-In cyber threat info starting at just $10 per month.


Quick-working Musubu makes for a great complement to other output tools and really rounds out a user’s cyber threat picture.  “Musubu provides all the IP address data your apps need, including geolocation, carrier info, company, and many more,” stated Founder Jason Polancich.  “Plus, it gives you an overall threat score for each IP along with the type and volume of cyber threats.”


What truly sets Musubu apart is its Known Networks feature – the only one of its kind that tells users what kind of network threatening IP addresses come from.  The result is better analysis, faster threat identification, safer networks, and better apps & websites.


Users can leverage the free web app to generate info on potential phishing, malware, ransomware, bots, and other threat types in just seconds with full details.  No credit card is required, either – just a valid email. Musubu’s many use cases include:

  • Making mobile apps more personalized (targeted ads, etc.)
  • Securing consumer-facing APIs
  • Controlling access to company assets
  • SIEM integration for better cyber threat response


Founded just earlier this year, Mr. Polancich has already achieved notable success with Musubu across a broad customer spectrum.  Industries served include government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and many more.


Those interested in giving Musubu a try can head to to use the free web app.  Get more information directly from the founding source by emailing [email protected].


Photos:  Musubu